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Membership is available to all social and competition players at an annual fee of just $120.

This is subsidised for junior players through our very low competition costs.

A pro-rata membership rate is also available so new members can join at any point throughout the year.


  • Unlimited court access (courts are only available for use by financial members).

  • Tennis Victoria affiliation.

  • Personal accident insurance cover.

  • The opportunity to participate in competition tennis.

  • The option of bringing ‘casual’ guests (each ‘casual’ guest is permitted up to 11 annual visits, beyond this they will be classified as ‘regular’ and require a membership).

  • In the case of dependent members (juniors under the age of 18) an adult may accompany them in an unlimited capacity. 

Of course, membership fees also go towards general material, utility and maintenance expenses needed to keep our club strong and facilities great.



Please refer to the following information for step-by-step membership registration instructions. 

  • Visit our Membership page HERE.

  • Select the appropriate membership type from those on offer and tap ‘Join Now’.

  • At this stage you will be asked to sign in (if you aren't already). If you don't have an account, it's quick, easy and free to create one (tap 'Click Here' beside the text 'Haven't created an account?' and follow the prompts).

Note that as this is a brand new system it is not linked to any previous My Tennis account you may have held. As such, you will be required to create a new account if you haven't already done so.

If you are purchasing a membership on behalf of someone else (such as a junior), use your own personal details for registration purposes. Actual player details are collected at a later stage in the process.

  • Once you are signed in and on the 'Purchaser Details' page, complete the fields as necessary, accept the Terms & Conditions then tap 'Continue to Member Details'.

  • If you are purchasing the membership for yourself ensure the button beside 'You (Your Name)' is selected then tap 'Continue to Add-Ons'.

  • If you are purchasing the membership on behalf of someone else, tap '+ Add a New Member' and complete the fields before tapping 'Confirm Player Details'. Next, ensure the button beside the intended player's name is selected then tap 'Continue to Add-Ons'. Alternatively, if you have previously added any players to your registration their name will automatically appear below yours at opening, so ensure the button beside their name is selected before tapping 'Continue to Add-Ons'.

You can add multiple players at this stage (such as in the case where you have more than one child participating, etc.) however each individual membership must be processed separately.

  • In the 'Add-Ons' section you can select any applicable competitions and apparel items, or choose to add a voluntary donation, before tapping 'Continue to Payment'.

  • Review your order then choose your desired payment method (Credit/Debit Card or EFT) and observe any instructions before tapping 'Continue to Payment' (for Credit/Debit Card) or 'Confirm' (for EFT).

EFT payment is not automatic - you must make a manual transfer before payment is received and your membership can be approved (please take note of our specified EFT details). Credit/Debit Card payment is automatic which makes things quick and easy for everyone.

  • If you chose the Credit/Debit Card option, fill-in your card details as prompted before tapping 'Pay'. Your membership request is now finalised.

  • If you chose the EFT option, immediately proceed to manually transfer the total owning. Your membership request is now finalised.

  • Once your application has been processed, you’ll receive confirmation via email. New members will also be personally contacted with relevant welcome information including court access instructions.


Our courts are only available for use by financial members. Upon finalisation of the membership process, a device-exclusive bluetooth key, valid for the duration of the membership period, will be issued.

Detailed information and instructions regarding installing and using the key may be found HERE.

General court usage guidelines are as follows:

  • Courts may be used in an unlimited capacity by membership holders. Please note this excludes during competition and coaching times (in the event no free court is available).

  • One court per session is allocated (this enables other members use of the courts). Of course, if there are free courts you may use more than one. 

  • Court usage is during daylight hours only. Access to the clubrooms and use of the flood lights is not available. Public toilets are located at the entrance to the tennis club carpark (opposite Graysharps Road) if required.

  • ‘Casual’ guests may accompany a member up to 11 times annually. Beyond this they will be classified as ‘regular’ and require their own personal membership.

  • In the case of dependent members (juniors under the age of 18) an adult may accompany them in an unlimited capacity. Please don’t abuse this leniency. It is appreciated if frequent court users consider purchasing their own personal membership as a way of connecting with and supporting the club. If anyone anticipates using the courts in the absence of the dependent member, then a personal membership is required.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.