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Court Access Instructions

How to use your Bluetooth Key


  • Once your membership request has been approved, check your text messages for an SMS with a link to claim your exclusive bluetooth key (we will endeavour to send the SMS promptly however please allow up to two days).

  • Tap the link and select the 'Download Igloohome App' option.

  • Install the app, open it and tap 'Create New Account'. Complete the fields then tap 'Create Account'.

  • Verify your account by entering the six digit pin sent to your registered email address.

  • Close the app then return to the original SMS message we sent and tap the link again to re-open the app.

  • Tap the 'Hurstbridge Tennis Club' notification and allow bluetooth access.

  • Your device is now paired with the smart padlock.

You can claim the bluetooth key from anywhere in the world. You do not need to be near the lock.​

IMPORTANT: Bluetooth keys must be claimed within one hour of receipt of the SMS. If you fail to claim within this time-frame the key will expire. The expiry date and time is specified in the SMS. We realise this isn't ideal but for security purposes there is no option to adjust it. If you miss the window, please contact us to schedule a convenient agreed time to re-send the SMS moving forward.

Once you have claimed your bluetooth key as outlined above you will be able to open the smart padlock via the following steps.


  • Once you are within range (at least five meters) of the smart padlock at the corner of Court 4 (wetlands end) open the Igloohome app. Ensure your phone's bluetooth is enabled.

  • Tap the large padlock icon on the opening home screen.

  • Wait to hear a melodic tone from the padlock then lift the shackle to unlock it.

  • Upon entering the courts, please lock the padlock behind you. It will issue a series of reminder beeps if you fail to do so.

  • When leaving the courts, unlock the padlock again then secure it to the gate bolt.


Remember, your mobile device is your key. Bring it with you whenever you want to access the courts. We will send the key to the mobile phone number you provided upon membership registration. If you'd prefer to have your key installed on a different device, please contact us. Each bluetooth key is exclusive and can not be transferred.

We are also offering junior competition players the option of having a key installed on two separate devices (such as for both parents, or for one parent and one junior - in the case of older juniors who have their own device). If this is of interest please let us know.

All keys are programmed to expire on January 31 annually. Ensure your membership is renewed prior to this date to avoid court access being revoked.


  • Courts may be used in an unlimited capacity by membership holders. Please note this excludes during competition and coaching times (in the event no free court is available).

  • One court per session is allocated (this enables other members use of the courts). Of course, if there are free courts you may use more than one. 

  • Court usage is during daylight hours only. Access to the clubrooms and use of the flood lights is not available. Public toilets are located at the entrance to the tennis club carpark (opposite Graysharps Road) if required.

  • ‘Casual’ guests may accompany a member up to 11 times annually. Beyond this they will be classified as ‘regular’ and require their own personal membership.

  • In the case of dependent members (juniors under the age of 18) an adult may accompany them in an unlimited capacity. Please don’t abuse this leniency. It is appreciated if frequent court users consider purchasing their own personal membership as a way of connecting with and supporting the club. If anyone anticipates using the courts in the absence of the dependent member, then a personal membership is required.

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