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Smoke Free Policy

We are proud to be a completely smoke free club. This stance ensures we comply with legislative and duty of care responsibilities, and provide a safe and healthy environment for all users.


Smoking is proven to be harmful to health. Protecting our users and the wider community from exposure to second-hand tobacco smoke and the aerosol from e-cigarettes is important to our club. Having a Smoke Free Policy also works to further ‘de-normalise’ smoking and vaping - the fewer people seen smoking and vaping in public places, the more it becomes a socially unacceptable practice.


Where appropriate, this policy applies to all members, players, coaches, staff, officials, administrators, parents, supporters, spectators and visitors.


This policy provides guidelines on our intentions and actions in relation to smoking to minimise associated health risks for all users. It represents our commitment to our legal requirements, duty of care obligations and ethical stance in order to protect the health and wellbeing of all those associated with our club.


  • To meet our duty of care in relation to the health and safety of our members, volunteers and visitors who attend any club games, special events, functions and other activities.

  • To understands the risks associated with smoking and our role in minimising this risk.

  • To uphold the reputation of our club, our sponsors and partners.

  • To comply, and exceed where practicable, all applicable legislation, regulations and codes of practice.

  • To continually strive to improve our Smoke Free performance.

Measures & Actions

  • The entirety of our club is to be smoke free. This includes:

- All indoor areas
- All outdoor playing and training areas
- All spectator areas (standing and seated, covered and uncovered)

- Associated carparks
- All canteen, catering, eating and drinking areas.

  • Smoke free areas will be signed (where possible).

  • Cigarettes, e-cigarettes and any other tobacco products will never be sold by our club.

  • Coaches, players, officials and volunteers will refrain from smoking while involved in an official capacity for the club, on and off the field.

  • No images of club volunteers, members, officials, coaches and players smoking at club-related activities will be shared via social media.

  • This policy applies to both electronic cigarettes and traditional cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are not permitted to be used in any of the smoke free areas referred to in this policy.

  • Where possible, the smoke free status of our club will be clearly signed at the entrance to, and within the club grounds.

  • The smoke free status of the club will be promoted in club materials from time to time. 


There is strong community support for banning smoking at public places regularly attended by children. This means most people will voluntarily comply with the smoking ban and expect others to do so. Please note that committee members and volunteers will not be expected to enforce the policy and may not be empowered to do so, although they may still approach someone who is not following the policy.

When approaching a person who is smoking in a non-smoking area:

1. Assume that the person is unaware of the policy.

2. Politely ask them to refrain from smoking and remind them about the Smoke Free Policy. If needed, refer them to the Policy as shown on our website.

Leadership & Education

  • Members of our club are to refrain from smoking while they are acting in an official  capacity for the club or while in club uniform, including at away games.

  • Our club may on occasion promote smoking cessation resources such as the Quitline on club materials.

  • Our club will promote resources for members wishing to quit, including the national Quitline (13 78 48,, where appropriate.

  • Ensure that all administrators and staff are fully aware of our Good Sports Policy and are committed to implementing and improving it.

  • Ensure that all members and users are fully aware of our Good Sports Policy and are encouraged to implement and improve it.

Status & Review

This policy will be reviewed annually to ensure it remains relevant to club operations and reflects both community expectations and legal requirements.


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